Stop Everything! Things are Happening on the Internet!

It-girl in training Paris Jackson has had a rough week. First her grandmother disappears, a rumored physical domestic disturbance is reported at her family’s compound and to top it off she’s right in the middle of  a developing aggressive custody battle. All seem normal (for the Jackson’s) compared to the newest development in this multimedia-circus. Paris has seemed to find a confidant in rock icon and infamous tweeter Courtney Love. After Paris took to twitter to express the duress she has found herself under, Love showed her softer side tweeting her support. Things took a turn for the awesomely bizarre when Love complimented Jackson on her new profile picture and suggesting that the controversial rocker will be sending a guitar her way.


Love often makes headlines for her use of twitter, but this is the first time they have been positive. Only time will tell if Courtney is just trying to fulfill her own agenda – “I want every girl in the world to pick up a guitar and start screaming” perhaps hoping to recruit members for the newest incarnation of Hole.  Or is this kind gesture of support a mentorship in development? There is no doubt Love, who has faced her share of adversity and media scrutiny has a few words of wisdom to share with Paris to get her though the hard-times. Nothing is too weird for the Jackson family or Love for that matter. Here’s hoping for a beautiful friendship.

One thought on “Stop Everything! Things are Happening on the Internet!

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